Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cresting the Horizon...

so it's Sunday morning, May 13th...roughly 2:30 AM...I really want to start something new but I just don't have the energy to sit here and really flesh out a cohesive post. So instead of that I thought I'd throw out an idea of what to expect coming down the pipe in the upcoming days, weeks, months, etc.

I just recently published a book of poetry so I will probably share a few tidbits from it here and there. It should be available in an e-book format very soon and I'm pretty excited about that as well. My goal is to also use this blog as a sort of springboard for my next project, which will hopefully be a book of more prose oriented material...short stories, essays, "journal" entries, and some more we shall see. Some of the upcoming topics that have been swirling around in my head waiting for just the right bit of inspiration:
Music (always)
Politics (a touchy one, but it is an election year after all...)
Critics (of various different mediums)
Society in general (which will encompass multiple posts hitting a few different points)
The idea of a journal of I'll end up dissecting myself for your reading pleasure

all in all I'm really hoping to make writing here a much more regular occurrence so that I can keep the creativity flowing...

That's all for now...see you where the sidewalk ends...

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