Sunday, February 8, 2015

There was a whisper...a riot...a kiss....or something new on the first rays of the dawn...

While I didn't quite finish my experiment last year of writing a post a week I didn't stop writing...I present to you in all of their imagined glory and delusions of grandeur...some new work to behold:

Chamber for Rent

Woke up in an abandoned hotel to the
chimes on the decrepit grandfather clock
signaling 2 a.m.'s arrival and the assault
of this measured insomnia

They told me I'd find ghosts
in this forgotten place
but the only spirits haunting me
are whiskey and your memories
Familiar specters I can find
on any barstool in this beach town

Stepped into the half hidden moonlight
creeping past the cracking shutters
Silver lines dancing in the dusty shadows
playing at creatures and devils in a lurking
game of tag with the chimeras in my mind

Why am I here again?

Wandering well-worn paths
I've tread ad nauseam
in search of different answers
in the same ancient routines

Why am I here?

Clinging to some sense
of imagined normalcy
and the misplaced hope
that you'd finally see
a chance for us to be

They told me I'd find ghosts
and I suppose it's true enough
I'm a phantom searching for
a little peace in the shadows
your light left behind

in your passing

Ishmael I Am Not

I lost sight of the horizon long ago
Suspended in the mists of twilight's gaze
and desperately seeking a glimmer of starlight to point the way

Nothing seems like more than what I've been given
and those that surround me seem to think
there are answers to be found in my keep
Solutions to the conundrums plaguing their existence
That one moment of clarity to illuminate it all
and divine inspiration for future endeavors

The tiniest pangs of guilt gnaw at my thoughts
Knowing I have no clues or theorems to present
that might validate their following...their devotion

Still I press on
Lashing sails and steam
Chasing my own white whale
to the pits of hell and beyond

Dragging these poor souls into the wretched gale
of my arrogance and pride
Drowning in the self-inflicted torment
Refusing any consolation prize
and lying to myself
when I say there was never another way...

On Becoming Lioness

The darkness hung in between
the silence and the scream
Tendrils stretching out to strangle
the flickering light in the guise
of improvement and "love"

Time seemed glacial
Creeping progress measured
in tears and self-realization

Sparks fly

The suffocated light
refuses to be extinguished
in the icy depths of
insecurity and control

It never goes out
Never gives in
Fights the encompassing black
until it smolders and blazes
erupting from such beautiful eyes

Unwilling to endure such sadness any more
and the sound of her voice screaming out in the night
beckons the sunrise and the arrival of dawn

This time won't be like any before
The air is electric and she's ready to roar

Enjoy everyone...see you where the sidewalk ends...

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