Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small slivers flickering in the distance...

This is the second set of poems I've taken the time to type up out of a few boxes I sorted through last week. It was kinda fun to read through these...trying to remember exactly what I was thinking at the time....was I thinking...what kind of emotions I was dealing with and pouring out...some of the material here is nearly ten years old...I don't always do a lot of self editing or some may seem rough...but I like it that way most of the time...for me this is a vehicle for expression that isn't always about being polished or pristine...the best ones...the ones I connect with after the years and relate to...are often the ones that don't always have a straight forward meaning...take from them what you will...what do they mean to you?
the ones titled "Magnetic" are pieces I wrote on my friend Brian's fridge using his magnetic poetry kit....that was always a good time...enjoy these...let me know what you think...

Behind the Curtain

Last in a long line
of repeat offenses
Struggle to contain the flames
that engulf my heart
Eyes go blind
in the inky darkness
alive in the palpitations
of this cruel rhythm
Every reaction
is the same as before
dance for the marionette
and wonder where the strings begin
ignorant of my own fingers
jerking me along

Inopportune Realization

Eyelids snap open to darkness
and claustrophobic tightness
limbs undone
breath ragged and in vain
skin brushing smooth alloy
so close on all sides
the horror of Amontillado

...Buried Alive...

A Specter Looks at a Century

Restless at the dying of the light
pulse quickening at the sound
of approaching night
but am I really alive?
or just a flashing apparition
illumined by the first slivers
of this full moon rising
stretching these ancient limbs
testing long held scars for meaning
Look into these eyes
Can you really see me?
or am I just imaginary...

...Raging Inside Me

I am living an
occupational hazard
this constant mixture
of darkness and light
An angel with the shadow
of a devil inside
stuck in a world of
cyclical behavior
Poster child for
a fucked up generation
First one to admit
I still don't know myself
at all

Magnetic #1

Above his need
was will over vision
language apparatus
am I mad?
Picture running water
languid delirious
together they scream
recall how I dream
summer symphony
would we stop
did we love
under enormous some
may manipulate
not to cry
crush their moment
sweat blood and ask me why

Magnetic #2

Chant at bitter death
black life drunk
love like summer
felt all these drive her
worship a moment
picture the diamonds
water light skin smell
lazy boy still here
after a thousand lies
blood from my sadness
together and delicate
ships stop vision
suited to power
bare arm sweat
void yet essential
I loved you
iron sky fall
friend recall
honey I sing
but I'm gone

Magnetic #3

Language like beauty
languid in sunshine
elaborate and produce
madmen stare at the moon
manipulate and incubate
whisper to the flood
road music trips me out
shadow symphony in winter wind
about a girl beneath sweet petals
dreams mean eternity
ask me sometime

Magnetic #4

Felt like I could
dream you and me together
languid beneath
this forest moon
chant away the blood lust
drunk on honey
essentially crushed
asleep in the sun
pink rose petals
did bare love
let your light shine
delirious eternity sings
of delicate beauty
a moment gone
still I recall
spring and tiny water music
picture a thousand
I only need one
whisper it to me
love above all
worship through language
live today

Magnetic #5

Leave after asking
still I whisper
like a man without
summer never parts
showing only those
near the void
elaborate from there
tell me how I was
dream and recall
this black flood like death
screaming within bitter moments
shadow language produces
a weak symphony
sordid and repulsive
I run to the rain
cool and delicate
enormous sun soars blue sky
time always sees
true vision

next post will be something different...I've been thinking about a particular subject...just haven't had the time this week to sit down and flesh out my thoughts into a coherent piece...maybe this weekend...until then...see you where the sidewalk ends...

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