Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feb-Mar 2006

Poetry originally published in February and March of 2006:

Love is Light

Simple phrases sometimes

Sound the best

In tangled situations

And I never met

A poet yet

That didn't err in favor

Of the sentimental

A time or two this year

Yet please don't think

I mean to excuse

These profound moments

That truth seeps through

The cracks of this

Hastily erected wall

Love is like sunlight

Just a little touch

Is enough to kindle hope

In the dormant furnace

Of an icy heart

So raise a glass

Wipe the tears

As St. Valentine draws near

I'll be sharing a round

With Sgt. Pepper

While the Lonely Hearts Club band

Gets by with a little help

From my friends

And the world will feel

Just like Heaven tonight

Sunrise To My Surprise

awakened to the prospect

of another day spent inventing

stories to entertain the subdued

remains of our tired relationships

but it's funny

how those vain imaginaries

never seem to pass beneath

the shallow surface of a spoon fed understanding

only able to accept the trivial or mundane

still a small spark

pops in the wilderness

igniting a single flame

an idea glowing in eyes

that say more than your

words ever could

and I know somehow

the past will fade into a glimmering

pinpoint in the starfield

of this relational tapestry

woven between us

filling this view

sunrise to my surprise

seen for the first time

without the pretense

of what we might've meant

by that...

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