Wednesday, September 9, 2009

October 2007

writings originally published in October 2007:

We speak in dreams and memories...clever phrases hidden from the cold
light of reality illuminating the's not fear that keeps
us there...more of a sense of is who we are...the
fantasies you cling to when life seems too hard to cope with....the fairy
tales you treasured as a child...that other world where magic and true
nobility are interwoven with the struggle to survive the tyranny of the
ordinary and become something more than just a man...something you push
aside in the daylight hours...choosing to believe what others perceive
you as though what they think truly defines who you
are....returning to us only in the depths of slumber...and it's the only
time you ever smile.....

I've watched this darkness for so long that it holds shapes and movements that would escape those huddling together around me. In fact they wouldn't even know that there's a difference...something out there that is waiting to challenge their blindness. A small flickering off in the distance that has been calling to me since it first caught me in it's shining brilliance. That....light...stung and burned...yet I find myself wanting to feel it cover my's hard to explain....but there was also this voice ....whispering...soothing....asking me to stay....I ran...back to the cover of this eternal dark...the cold comfort of familiarity....but it's still there...pricking the back of my mind...calling me to travel further in that small voice....and I want to go...but what I seek I'm afraid to find....afraid that when the veil is torn aside the reality of who I am will frighten the owner of the voice...and yet He calls...

Still shadows often hide the smallest flicker of light A spark that dances in defiance of the surrounding night Like a falling star burning a path through the heavens In search of the last resting place in the valley Amidst the remains of the fragile souls Lost and alone in the wandering night

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