Wednesday, September 9, 2009

May 2006

Poetry originally published in May 2006:

Alive in the Mystery

Sunshine melts

Away the expanse

Of this lazy

Winter day

Smiling at the

Memory of

A mountain sheathed

In cold ivory

Gliding by as the lift

Guided us to our

Anxious destination

Where the world

Unfolded beneath our feet

And I think I couldve

Laid there in that

Powdered ice forever

If I knew that youd be near

As long

And it wasnt daylight

That shone so bright

But your smile

And your laughter

That ignited the night

So whats the story

Morning glory?

Can you tell me

What your heart knows?

A new season

Begins in bloom

Filling the space between us

And what will this garden grow?

The slowly rising tide

Of this affection carries us aloft

In a mystery Im enjoying

With a hope

That you feel the same

It Starts With A Flicker

Sometimes I wonder

What you must be thinking

When someone elses world

Is caving in around them

Youre always the first one to listen

The one they run to when they

Just cant seem to work it out

And I know you wish that you could fix

Every heartache they face

But the grace you live is something

They need more than another band-aid solution

And this is how it begins

The path that has been chosen

Your love displayed is the spark in the darkness

Its in their eyes when they hear your counsel

The hope that starts with a flicker

Like a fresh lit candle flame fighting

Against the incoming winter breeze

So I wonder what thoughts

Run through your mind

For the thousandth time

When the heartache

Makes a repeat offense

And I smile

Knowing that your arms are open

In a comforting embrace

If it ever seemed like it went unnoticed

Like being the first one to listen

Last one to be heard

Know that you make a difference

Be it one life or a thousand

It starts with a flicker

One bright spot to start a flame

Genesis Daydream

I wandered in a daydream

And wondered at a field

Of fresh spring flowers

Waiting to emerge from

Winter's snowy grip

Just a dream and yet

I found myself entranced

Holding my breath as the first slivers

Of sunlight shattered

The cold darkness covering

This valley

Slowly, as the fiery orb

Rose higher in the morning sky,

Every flower yawned and swayed

Petals unfolding

Revealing natures true beauty

Kept hidden til the promised

Season emerged

I smiled as the dream faded

And thought how similar

We can be

Our souls waiting to display

The true mystery

And love like light

Beckons us to unveil

Our own glory

And so it seems that Im

Like Adam in slumber

Dreaming of Eve

Knowing my friend

The Creator

Has fashioned someone

Just for me

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