Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oct - Dec 2005

Poetry originally published October through December 2005:

Eros in Flight

I watched him fall

feathers floating

loosely lightly

as his spiraling arc

sent him careening through

the ancient unbending

oak grove

Alas, is it poor Icarus?

wings of wax & goose feathers

decaying in the blistering sun?

possibly some poor

misshapen bird

too awkward for flight?

Ducking quickly

past tree limbs

towards the sound

of the sickening crash

Surprised to find Cupid

with his arrows

through his heart

I guess Love hurts...

Questioning the Question

Set me up

watch me fall

you enjoy this too much

Black heart speak

can you love me?

dark laughter mocking

intentions are misleading

every inclination screams in spite

self elevation

is the the only purpose left

to these suicide devices

looking for

the signs of flight

Black heart

can you hear me?

hide in your shadows

night won't last forever...

Imagination rambles in a sort of time stream of consciousness that is not quite aware of the myriad hallucination floating on the sailing sea in memory and afterthought astronaut flight in this outdated starflyer strapped to a scrap heap and burning in the late summer afternoon when I lost it all amidst the piles of unanswered postcards from another season of life in the valley of the shadow of dismay at the fact that I've made so little progress away from the winter of eternal conflict threatening to envelope everything I hold dear abby I can't seem to make up your mind when it doesn't matter anymore that we'll never have Paris between us she's way too high to notice that the view from Venus is rather jaded and she can't abide Mars and all his wandering ways to skin a cat there's more than I can say and less that means anything to you assuming everything ariel dances in my room and looks could kill when I dress to impress or forget to pay the rent and end up living on a freeway listening to signs and driving by feel this way again when I taste your lips against mine in the only kiss I ever want to know when I lose the only heart I have to give it away in the whispering wind where my lady's stairway lies and makes this world an illusory place where you have to understand the dream is over and out we've got ourselves a convoy rubber duck there's a phone call aimed at me tonight is something I just don't have the stomach to face up to in the morning when there's nothing left to say but I loved you and wonder where you might've run to...

The Last Spark Tonight

The bright lights downtown

Will shimmer in the hazy

Winter evening sky as the revelers

Clamor in the crowded streets

Near Times Square.

There will be many a sight to see

This new years rockin’ eve

As the music enfolds them

and the dancing begins

Living life in this moment

A brief glance within the whirlwind

Different emotional snapshots

Still frames on a crowded page.

Like the couple idly strolling in the moonlight

Awaiting midnight’s kiss

Or the laughter between friends at a bonfire

Remembering a weekend event.

A single teardrop stains

A pillowcase

As someone prepares to

Face a new year alone

Or the one a few blocks away

That tries to drown this year’s troubles

In bourbon and beer.

All theses stories

Fill the bottom of the hourglass

As every grain passes through

We shake the etch-a-sketch

And start anew

So let the nakedness of birth remind us

God still dreams of Eden

So too the last spark tonight

Sets the flame for another chance

at making things right.

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